How to use the Swingarm Locknut Tool
Note: This procedure was performed on a 2000 Suzuki GSX-R750. All specifications mentioned in this procedure apply to this model bike only. Please refer to your factory service manual for specifications regarding your bike. It is important that you read all steps in this procedure at least once before starting to work on your bike. Also, please keep in mind that there are many ways of performing these task. Feel free to make any change(s) to suit your circumstances.

Supplies and Special Tools Required for this procedure:


1. Swingarm Stand
2. 2 Jackstands
3. 2 Tiedowns (ratchet-type)
4. 2 Ceiling Hooks (100 lb limit ea.)
5. Torque Wrench (10-100 lb-ft)
6. Swingarm Locknut Tool
7. High-Quality Bearing Grease
8. Drive Chain Masterlink (if req.)
9. Brake Fluid (DOT 4)
10. Rear Axle Cotter Pin
11. Factory Service Manual
12. Several Rags


Step 1 Place the bike on rear/swingarmstand. Remove passenger and rider seats and tail cowling. Remove both lower fairings.

Step 2 Since the swingarm and the rear shock will be removed in this procedure, the bike will have to be supported in a way other than the swingarm stand. We placed two jackstands at the rear, lower part of the frame. This picture shows the jackstand placed on the right hand side.  

  Step 3 This picture shows the placement of the jackstand on the left hand side.
Step 4 For additional support, two ratchet-type tiedowns were hung from the ceiling and attached to convenient points on the rear sub-frame of the bike. The tiedowns were snug, with most of the weight of the bike still placed on the jack stands.  


Step 5 This picture shows the close-up view of attachment points of the tiedowns on the rear sub-frame.

Step 6 Remove the rear wheel and accompanying spacers by removing the cotter pin, loosening the axle nut (36 mm), drawing out the axle, and disengaging the drive chain. Remove the swingarm stand.  


Step 7 Place an oil pan under the rear brake caliper. Remove the brake hose from by unscrewing the 12mm banjo bolt. Some brake fluid will come out of the brake hose and drip into the pan.

WARNING: Brake fluid is harmful if it comes in contact with skin or eyes, and can be fatal if swallowed and harmful. Call your doctor immediately if brake fluid is swallowed, and induce vomitting. Flush eyes or skin with water if brake fluid comes into contact with them.

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