How to use the Swingarm Locknut Tool

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Step 8 Carefully detach the brake hose from the swingarm routing clips and re-route it so that its open end is above the reservoir. This will prevent any further leakage of brake fluid.

Step 9 Wrap a rag around the disconnected end of the brake hose. This will prevent brake fluid to drip onto the frame or any other painted area of the bike. It will also prevent dirt from entering the brake hose.

WARNING: Brake fluid is harmful to painted surfaces and rubber parts. Do not allow it to come in contact with frame and any painted surfaces. If it does, wipe it immediatly with a clean, absorbant cloth and clean the area with water and a mild cleaner, such as car wash or dishwashing liquid.



Step 10 Remove the swingarm (upper) mounting bolt (14 mm) and nut (17 mm) of the cushion rod and swing the two lever arms down and away.

Step 11 Remove the upper mounting bolt (13 mm) and nut (14 mm) of the shock absorber.


Step 12 Remove the lower mounting bolt (13 mm) and nut (14 mm) of the shock absorber.

Step 13 Carefully remove the shock absorber in a downward motion. The swingarm may need to be moved slightly to create enough clearance for the shock absorber to come out.



Step 14 Break the drive chain by removing the masterlink. Make sure you have a either a new replacement masterlink for your drive chain or your chain uses a reusable-type masterlink before you proceed with this step. Place a floor jack under swingarm mount of the cushion rod for additional support.

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